"Total Band Experience" 
for Kids,Teens & Adults 
Today's music students truly represent the future of music. It is our mission to provide these musicians with the opportunity to make music with band mates of similar age, level, and musical taste, while "learning the ropes" from a professional working musician. We call our flagship program the "Total Band Experience" workshop and that's exactly what it is; this is not a simulation of a real band, it is a real band!

How It Works
Student bands are assembled by grouping registrants of similar age, performance level (as determined by brief placement auditions), and musical preference. Once finalized, student bands will work under the direction of a professional musician who will guide them through a series of weekly workshops/rehearsals, covering virtually every aspect of group performance. During these workshops, student bands will learn and rehearse cover songs by their favorite artists and bands, and possibly even write their own original music with the goal of a live performance! Student bands are fun, exciting, and interactive, and all workshops are conducted in a laid back, low-pressure atmosphere.

How Do I Get Involved?
Student bands are always forming, and registration is always open for singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and pianists/keyboardists! Individuals, small groups, and full bands are welcome. Please feel free to inquire about days/times/locations not listed below.
  • What? NY School of Rock - "Total Band Experience"(TM) Workshops
  • Who? Kids (9-12), Teens (13-17), and Adults
  • Where? 
    • Pondside Music Studio (Brewster)
    • Chris Milillo Drum Studio (Mahopac)
    • Let's Jam (Poughkeepsie/LaGrange)
  • When? Based on registration and scheduling availability.
* For incomplete bands, or in case of absence, instructors will fill in on whichever instrument is missing.
Don't Let Our Name Fool You!

Even though we're called the "School of Rock", we are not limited to just rock or pop music; we just thought the name was cool and catchy! The NYSoR offers the "Total Band Experience" in most contemporary musical styles, including blues, funk, jazz, metal, hip-hop, r&b, and more.

If You're Ready to Rock, Let's Roll!


If your music store, music school, or other venue would like to host a NYSoR workshop, contact us for more information!